Mark's Artist Statement

From my earliest memories, I can remember being fascinated with the music I would hear on the radio or television. I was amazed how a song can make a person feel a certain way and wanted to find out how to develop my own musical talents to express myself. I like to explore how words and sounds together can have a reaction on someone. When I hear music, I enjoy forming an association when I feel emotion from the artist. When I play music, I feel alive and connected with the world; and feel a desire to share this feeling with others. I am constantly growing as a musician and songwriter, and invite you on this exploration with me.

The music I create begins with an idea; a phrase, a collection of notes, or chords that I imagine being played. I love to take my time and work on the idea and watch it grow into something that conveys what I feel. I believe a musical piece is never complete. Music can always be improved upon; and the most important part for me is the journey and being able to share it.

When people hear my music, I would like them to discover something unique that they haven't heard before. My intention with my art is to have the listener feel my emotion when they hear the music I create. I want to expose my own interpretation of reality as I see it, and to share it with everyone. Knowing more about music and it's creation has led me on an academic path to music production, and I want to cultivate that seed within myself and improve my talents so I can more easily share myself with the world.
Sandy's Artist Statement

Music has always brought me joy. Stories that come out of my mind can be happy, all the way to evil and scary. My art is the truth, living at two ends of the spectrum. I write the truth about the world around me; a snapshot in time, that’s seen through my eyes. I want people to know my stories.

My art starts off with words, putting a story down on paper. It could be real or imagined but preferably real. If it is a true story, the words flow out of my fingers onto my notepad. I try to be as specific and descriptive as possible. I want people not just to be able to read my stories but to feel and relate to them.

For the artistic portion, I narrow down the flow of a storyline or prosody the way it actually happened. I use my rhyming dictionary to put my sentences into poetry form which lead to the rhythm and rhyme. The beats are then added thus producing a song.

After I retire, my dream is to be surrounded by music all day every day. I would also like to continue composing music with my husband Mark and telling my stories in lyrical form.