My Beautiful Babies Video 

Hello everyone, 

I wanted to share our new video that we just finished a couple of days ago called My Beautiful Babies. I wanted to create a little video of our children growing up through the years. Hope you like it!


My Beautiful Babies is here! 

Hello everyone!

We received the produced version of "My Beautiful Babies" from Studios yesterday. What a way to start off 2014! Our goal now, is to get "My Beautiful Babies" and "Just Like a Dream" into video form with Lou Goodman who is an artistic video producer. Hopefully within the next couple of months. Don't forget your three free downloads before you leave and if you liked our songs please hit the "Facebook Like" button on top!!

Cheers and we will talk soon!
The Schmidt Family

My Beautiful Babies 

 Hi guys!

I want so say that it is official!! My Beautiful Babies is next in line on the production block. Estimated timeframe for completion said July 26th. I am pretty sure that the date will be extended due to the fact that the homemade version of my song did not download due to a system error. Oh well, I have to wait until Monday to try again. I would tell you the theme that I have in mind but that would ruin the surprise. I am so excited, I can't stand it!! Yes, I am a super impatient person! Lol!

Take care!
The Schmidt Family

Just Like a Dream 

 Hello everyone! 

Just submitted a new song called "Just Like a Dream" to be mix and mastered by Studio Pros. Should have it by the end of this week. Can't wait for you to hear it!!

I Wanna Go Out Production almost done 

 Hello everyone!! This is a quick message to let you know that the production to our very first song called " I Wanna Go Out" is almost done!! A company that we found online called Studio Pros out in Los Angeles are the ones producing it. At this time it is in the mixing/mastering stage so it should be done any day now. Can't wait to post it so you can hear it!!


My Beautiful Babies is here!

Hello everyone! I want you as my family and friends to be the first to get a free download of our new single produced by Studio Pros called "My Beautiful Babies" We hope you like it!

Warm regards,
Sandy and Mark Schmidt

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